Name Level Silver Cost Upgrade Time Attributes

Holy Site

WM Temple
1 118,000 5m Attack Bonus 10% for 2h

Pray Time 5m

Units Needed 1,000

2 1,090,000 1h

Attack Bonus 10% for 4h

Pray Time 10m

Units Needed 5,000

3 4,414,000 2h

Attack Bonus 10% for 6h

Pray Time 20m

Units Needed 15,000

4 9,136,000 12h

Attack Bonus 15% for 6h

Pray Time 40m

Units Needed 25,000

5 16,548,000 1day

Attack Bonus 15% for 8h

Pray Time 1h

Units Needed 40,000

6 40,636,000 3days

Attack Bonus 20% for 8h

Pray Time 1h

Units Needed 75,000

7 108,592,000 7days

Attack Bonus 25% for 8h

Pray Time 1h

Units Needed 100,000

Upgrading Regional Structures is an Alliance effort. Donate Silver to level up faster.
The Holy Site allows you to gain an attack bonus for a certain period of time. Level-up for a better bonus that last longer. You will also need to send more troops and pray longer.

The Holy Site is not present in every Region.