Region Focus Types
Economic Focus (Crafting Guild)

Bonus: +20% Gathering Speed in the region and increased chance to get a chest when depleting resource tiles.

Order Focus (Mason's Guild)

Bonus: +20% March Size vs. Encounters and a chance to receive an extra chest when defeating Encounter camps.

Trade Focus (Trading Post)

Bonus: +30% Trade March Size for players in the region and x3 Trading Post reward within the region.

Mobilization Focus (Holy Site)

Bonus: +20% March Size and +10% Rally Size for players within the region.

Fortification Focus (Regional Wall)

Bonus: +175% Army Health and all units will be wounded instead of killed for all battles within the region.

Logistics Focus (Stables)

Bonus: +30% Army Speed and +2 Scout Level for alliance members within the region.

Investment Focus (Vault)

Bonus: +20% Research Speed and +20% Construction Speed for alliance members within the region.