Name Level Silver Cost Upgrade Time Attributes

Regional Walls

WM Wall


-.... 5m All Army Health 2%
2 79,000 1h

All Army Health 4%

3 727,000 2h

All Army Health 6%

4 2,943,000 12h

All Army Health 8%

5 6,091,000 1day

All Army Health 10%

6 11,032.000 3days

All Army Health 15%

7 27,090,000 7days

All Army Health 20%

Upgrading Regional Structures is an Alliance effort. Donate Silver to level up faster.
The Regional Walls allows you to stop players outside of your Alliance from teleporting in your Region, as long as you control it. It also boosts your army's health.

The Regional Walls is not present in every Region.